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Castilla Y Leon Spain

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Essay title: Castilla Y Leon Spain

Castile and LeГіn (Spanish: Castilla y LeГіn), within the historic areas of Old Castile and LeГіn, is an autonomous region in north central Spain. With an area of 94,224 km2 (36,380 mi2) and a population of 2,484,603 (1998 est.), the autonomous community, formed in 1983, is the largest in Spain. It encompasses the provinces of ГЃvila, Burgos, LeГіn, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid, and Zamora, and its capital is Valladolid. The Cantabrian Mountains rise in the northern part of the region, and the IbГ©rico Mountains are in the northeastern part; they are separated by a corridor known as La Bureba. The Central Mountains dominate the south, and a large elevated plateau occupies the center of the area. Sheep, dairy and beef cattle, and chickens are raised; area crops include wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, and beans. Forestry and lumber production are common in the mountains, where coal and talc are mined. Commerce is concentrated in the provincial capitals. Industrial development began after World War II but has not increased significantly except in Valladolid, where

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