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Causes of Global Warming

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Essay title: Causes of Global Warming

Sea levels rising, shrinking glaciers, longer growing seasons, and drought plagued regions, are all a result of Global Warming. This is a real threat to human existence, not just in America, but world-wide. Our ever changing climate is just a constant reminder that we are all a product of mother-nature and her environment. We hold the key to future generations that will either reap the benefits of our efforts, or experience the consequences of our laziness. Yet, if Global Warming poses such an enormous threat that why hasn’t our government taken action to avoid it?

Let’s see what our own government has done: First, our government is trying to reduce the emissions of Greenhouse gases. Although, these gases aren’t necessarily bad, and in fact are necessary for life. Greenhouse gasses keep the planets surface warmer than it would be, because without them earth’s surface would be freezing. On the other hand, much of this gas has resulted in many heat related deaths in the United States. We are releasing so much bad gas that it cannot escape into space, thus trapping severe heat within our atmosphere. So what has our government done? Well the United States has established a climate policy that consists of three basic components: slowing the growth of emissions, strengthening science and technology, and enhancing international awareness and cooperation. (Colum Lynch,

First of all, the Kyote Protocol is an example of a recent amendment that assigns a mandatory emission limitation of greenhouse gases to whatever country adopts it. This bill covers more than 160 countries and its main objective is to stabilize the concentrations of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere to curb the harmful effects to our climate. Even though, 160 countries have ratified the Kyoto Protocol, the United States has rejected it on the basis that, the benefit doesn’t exceed the cost to our economy.


The next idea is relatively simple, intensifying science and technology in a form of pollution free substitute fuel, solar power, or recycling to name a few. But first let’s see what you can do to aid in this global endeavor. Well for one thing, walk instead of driving to work. Automobiles are the major source of harmful greenhouse gases. When gasoline is

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