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Change Management

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Essay title: Change Management

Change Management of Synergetic Solutions Inc.

Nowadays, business world change is an inevitable quality. It is necessary for all management of the companies to prepare for all upcoming technological advances, personnel and organizational changes. In order to minimize the impact of change, every employees need to brainstorm about what will be done tomorrow and the day after that.

Therefore, this assignment was made by using three main change management theories which are Theory of Lewin’s, Theory of Catastrophe’s, and Theory of Herzberg’s.

There are many different forces that the organization faced from the change. Awareness of forces can assist managers to determine when an organization change should be implemented.

Internal Driver to Change

1. Stimulating the innovation. Synergetic Solution Inc. can lead to radical changes at the productivity--the combination of product, market and technology. Such innovations can provide the entry into new markets.

2. A sense of responsibility. Unusual or high-level of absenteeism and turnover represent forces for change (Kanter, 1991). Synergetic Solution Inc. must take the issues or working towards sustainable development into account

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