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Child Labor

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Essay title: Child Labor

Photo Gallery Assignment

For this assignment I have chosen to write my essay based on the images I viewed from the Stolen Dreams website. My first reaction to these photographs was one of bewilderment. These images clearly depict the harsh realities of child labor. After reading the captions some images stood out more than others. The fishing platforms workers are in danger of falling into the ocean waters because of their small size and the fact that there is no protection. The garbage pickers have to not only work in unsanitary conditions but to eat from them as well. The stone quarry child made an impression because of how small he appeared standing among large stones with no shirt or shoes holding a tool larger than him. I mention these three because not only were they shocking but they also come from three different countries. This tells me that this is a problem not in just one area but all over the world. Having never seen conditions like these as a child it is hard to imagine that this goes on around the world.

The closest that I can come to understanding any of this is my parents

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