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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Essay title: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

5. List the characters in Ch. 1 and identify them in relation to the narrator, Santiago Nasar or the town.

 Placida Linero- Santiago Nasar’s mother.

 Maria Alejandrina Cervantes- She is the town whore and has slept with the narrator and Santiago Nasar each, many a time.

 The Bishop- Going to visit the town where Santiago Nasar and the narrator both lived, although “he hates this town” (pg. 8).

 Victoria Guzman- The cook for Santiago Nasar and his family at their house.

 Divina Flor- Victoria Gunman’s daughter and Santiago Nasar’s love interest.

 Ibrahim Nasar- Santiago Nasar’s father.

 Clotilde Armenta- Owner of the milk shop in town where Pedro and Pablo waited to kill Santiago.

 Pedro and Pablo Vicario- The twins who are going to and end up killing Santiago.

 Margot- Narrators sister, who was with Santiago Nasar on the dock where he was killed, she was one of the only ones who didn’t know he was going to be murdered.

 Father Carmen Amador- Priest in the town who performs the autopsy on Santiago Nasar after he was murdered.

 Cristo Bedoya- A friend of the narrator and Santiago Nasar, he was on the pier with Santiago waiting for the bishop, and where Santiago was killed.

 Flora Miguel- The lover of Santiago Nasar, who he was going to marry.

 Don Lazarro Aponte- Town Mayor for eleven years.

 Angela Vicario- The one who got married, sister of the twins, maybe had a sexual relationship with Santiago Nasar which is the reason for his murder by the twins.

 Pura Vicario- The mother of the twins and of Angela, and also a blood relative of the narrator’s mother.

 Luisa Santiaga- Narrator’s mother and god-mother of Santiago Nasar.

 Jaime- Narrator’s younger brother.

 Narrator’s father- Narrators father.

5. Create a time line of events, which unfold first?

 Chapter 1

 The day that Santiago is going to be killed he wakes up at 5:30 to wait for the bishop’s boat to arrive.

 That nigh he had dreamed about trees.

 Santiago left his house at five minutes past six.

 The narrator wakes up in the lap of Maria Alejandrina Cervantes from the sound of the town bells.

 Santiago put on a shirt and pants of white linen.

 Santiago goes to his mother’s room to get some aspirin for his headache where he tells her of his dream.

 Santiago goes into the kitchen and receives a mug of coffee from Divina Flor. Santiago grabs Divina by the wrist when she comes to take his mug. Victoria Gunman tells him to get his hands off of her.

 The town awakes with the sound of the bishop’s steamboat arriving.

 The twins are waiting at the front door to kill Santiago.

 Victoria and Divina had been warned of the twin’s plans at 5 o’clock by a woman who came to beg for a bit of milk.

 Santiago Nasar is led to the front door by Divina Flor, although it is usual barred he always uses it when he is dressed up.

 Santiago grabs Divina’s whole pussy and leaves.

 As he left the house the “boat stopped tooting and the cocks began to crow” (pg. 13).

 Divina Flor leaves the front door unlocked so that Santiago could come in, in case of an emergency.

 As Santiago Nasar leaves there is a envelope on the floor which contains a letter as to Pedro and Pablo’s exact plans to kill him. However neither Santiago nor Divina see the envelope.

 Santiago leaves his house at 6 o’clock, as many people are running to

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