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City of God

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Essay title: City of God

City of God

Violence, drugs and killing is what described the atmosphere of City of God, a movie directed by Fernando Meirelles. Brazil, being the location where the movie was filmed is based on a true story. Having that in mind, it is hard to believe that Rio de Janeiro, known for being a stunning city, could have a subdivision like City of God. Beat-up, rough and poor are verbs that describe the composition of the city. Above and beyond, they are words that frankly reveal the way development, landscape and transportation planning has grown to be in this province.

In the nineteen seventies, development planning does not appear to exist in this region of Rio de Janeiro. Nor does it show or give an indication of renovation towards the community. In fact, it gives the impression that natural devastations occur in this place every month and giving no time to repair the construction. Lil Ze's and Carrot's drug dealing apartments are good examples that exemplify the above. The abandon apartments illustrate the poor structure preservation that it has been left into. As a result, street gangs have taken over these raggedy buildings and converting them into a different use.

In the nineteen sixties the only substantial landscape perceived in the movie was when Clipper and Goose ran to the forest area, just outside of the community, while being hunted by the police. In the nineteen seventies, the

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