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Civil Rights Movement

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Essay title: Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement gave rise to many great leaders, and produced many social changes that were the results of organized civil rights events that were staged throughout the South by organizations devoted to eliminating segregation, and giving the African American people the ability to pursue the American dream. The most important civil rights leader during the time was Martin Luther King Jr., and the most important event that took place during the movement was the fight to gain equality in voting rights for blacks, that escalated in Selma, Alabama.

During the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. was the foremost contributor to the African American’s fight to obtain equality. He was a very influential speaker, and became the main figure among black civil rights leaders. His idea of implementing non-violent civil disobedience into black marches, sit-ins, and bus boycotts brought about many social changes, that resulted in African-Americans moving closer to their goal of receiving complete equality under the law, and just treatment from Southern segregationalists. This non-violent approach rewarded him with a Noble Peace Prize, and gave the African American’s struggle worldwide attention.

One reason why Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important figure during this time was his ability to not only influence black people, but also people in positions of power, including President Kennedy, and President Johnson. During the short time that Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were passed; busses, schools, and lunch counters were desegregated; and the EEOC (Equal Opportunity Commission) was formed. His efforts gave the Civil Rights Movement national and worldwide attention, and he lessened the segregation gap between black and white Americans.

The most

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