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Climate Change

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Essay title: Climate Change

Task 1

1. Scientists are worried about the climate changing because it is now doing so at a faster rate, and most of the climate changes will damage our world.

2. When the author was in New Guinea in 1981, among the grasses grew tree ferns. Down hill, the grassland ended abruptly at a mossy forest. In the leaf litter on the forest floor there was dead tree ferns. Since tree ferns only grew in the grassland, the author knew that the forest was creeping up the mountain.

3. Three further pieces of evidence mentioned by the author are:

- atmospheric greenhouse gases are increasing

- species are vanishing

- Glaciers are now melting 10 times faster

4. The author argues that CO2 is the main cause of climate change. We create CO2 every time we burn fossil fuels to drive, cook or turn on lights. When this gas is created it stays in the atmosphere for around a century.

5. The author says that if we reduce CO2 emissions we could save four out of every five species currently under threat, limit the extreme weather events and also save the arctic and Antarctic.

Task 2

1. Coral bleaching is when ocean temperatures get too high and coral turns white and eventually dies.

2. Solar energy is an alternative form of energy for households. Solar panels produce energy from the sun which is stored in a deep cycle battery bank. With energy prices expected to rise in the next few years, a benefit of solar energy is the money you can save. By using solar energy you also reduce your impact on the environment.

3. Prime Minister Rudd signed the instrument of ratification o f the Kyoto protocol as the first official act of the new Australian government. Australia has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas by 60% on 2000 levels by 2050. Another government that is trying to combat climate change is the Canadian government. They have put programs in place to make houses more energy efficient and are increasing the use of ethanol and raising wind-power production.

4. It is expected that by 2100, sea levels will have risen in most places by around half a metre.

5. Polar bears are severely affected by climate change. As the polar ice melts, the bears are forced to swim much further in order to find food. When

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