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Communication Basics

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Essay title: Communication Basics

Communication and connection are important influential factors in the development of successful people in any type of environment. Both of these methods provide a way to encourage leadership for the benefit of the students at Robert Morris College. To this end, honors events provide a unique way to gather honor students from all of the campuses and discuss important topics necessary for a successful future no matter what chosen field of study. It also provides a method to take all of these different students from different campuses in the Chicago area to gather together and work on a common goal. Creating a sense of community and encouraging participation affects the attitude of the students in a positive way.

Last Thursday I participated in an Honors Event that focused on improvisation, speech, and ultimately improving communications through the use of comedy. The comedy aspect of it worked remarkably well, encouraging people that wouldn't ordinarily have volunteered or interacted with their peers, and promoted teamwork surprisingly well. The brought all the students there from the different campuses together as a single community to learn and participate in the same activity.

My peers and I responded very well to the event. Sure we griped and bitched, stayed out of it as long as we could,

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