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Community Service

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Essay title: Community Service

In preparing to do service, I learned a great deal about what it would mean to do my first community service. I first had to learn that in order to do my service successfully, I had to be willing to make some sacrifices, my time and energy in particular. I knew that that would be difficult, but ultimately, I was able to summon the ability to do that.

Through my activities, I developed, first and foremost, the ability to connect with younger children. I feel that the kids I worked with really enjoyed when I was there and I think that is a direct reflection of my being able to sacrifice myself to communicate with them. As far as my learning in general, I learned about myself as I saw how good it felt to do something for someone else. Just for the good of mankind, not for any other reason. I also think it helped me to learn how to work with other people. The kids, of course, but also my fellow students and my supervisors. In addition, I learned that my community as a whole is a pretty strong one, and I am proud not only to be a part of it, but to be an active member in the betterment of my community. Further, I hope to use my experiences through this community service activity to strengthen my ties within my community and I hope to be able to continue doing community service in the future.

The need for my service effort was that there are a lot of kids out there who, for various reasons, sometimes need extra attention and care, and I thought that I could help in that area with my service learning project. I was able to make the contribution of providing that care- I read to the kids at the J, I played with them, talked to

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