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Conservation and Prevention

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Essay title: Conservation and Prevention

Succession and Natural Selection - Axia College of University of Phoenix - Ecological succession is quite the same as succession in any circumstance, there is a natural order in which things grow and recede. In the given animation that I have reviewed I would have to say that it is secondary succession taking place. The reason that I decided on secondary succession is because the reason that the chain of events took place is due to nature (beaver dam), there was not any outsiders making it happen. In primary succession it seems that an outside or unnatural source would be the reason for the chain of events to happen in the way, and at the time that they did. The salamander is the same as any other salamander except that this particular salamander does not have legs. The reason for this I believe is because it is a water salamander, so it does not require legs. Because it is relatively the same in size, shape, color, etc. it has evolved and stayed relatively the same, the reason for not having legs is because it is not

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