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Contributions African Americans Have Made in the Science Field

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Essay title: Contributions African Americans Have Made in the Science Field

Contributions African Americans have made in the Science Field

Throughout American history many African Americans have been overlooked in the field of science. Some powerful minds and great inventors haven’t been re-introduced to new generations. African Americans have contributed a great deal to the advancements of our country and one of the major fields they have made contributions to is in the field of science. Many successful African Americans have been overshadowed by their Caucasian counterparts. More of our children should be aware of these great historians. African Americans that have made major contributions in the field of science that should be discussed, studied and taught to our society to educate new generations of the vast majority of these great scientists.

There are a variety of areas in the science field that African Americans have participated. There were Chemists, Biochemists, Biologists, Physicists, and many others. There were people like Herman Branson who was an assistant professor of chemistry and physics at Howard University who help prepare many young students for the science field. Dr. Branson became a full professor of physics and was made chairman of the physics department of Howard University from 1941 to 1968. He had research interests in mathematical biology and protein structure.

Dale Emeagwali was honored scientist of the year in 1996. She has made great contributions to field of science that has benefited mankind. Dr. Emeagwali came from a background where if you wanted to be a doctor while growing up, you would be slapped across the head and told to stop dreaming. Her dreams of being a scientist came true as she worked hard to achieve her degree and make startling discoveries. Among her accomplishments she made the discovery of isozymes of kynurenine formamidase in the basterium streptomyces parvulus which, prior to her findings, were known to only exist in higher organisms. Dr. Emeagwali also proved that cancer gene _expression could be inhibited by antisense methodology, which she says can lead to better treatment for cancer. She is a well accomplished scientist that many people have never heard of.

All fields of science affects the lives of many people, but the inventors are left out. Inventors make many lives more comfortable and convenient. George Edward Alcorn, Jr. was a not so well-known inventor, but he was a well-established scientist and businessman. George holds eight patents in the United States and Europe on semiconductor technology. Benjamin Bradley was an inventor, and also was a slave. He made the first steam engine at the age of sixteen with a few materials like a piece of gun barrel and pewter. His master helped him, but would only give him five dollars out of his wages. Bradley was unable to patent his work under United States law, since during this time period African Americans were not considered to be citizens. Benjamin Bradley later purchased his freedom with the earnings he received from his work.

Everyone has heard of the term “The Real McCoy,” this term refers to the oiling device used for industrial machinery. Elijah McCoy was born in Canada from parents who were former slaves. He returned to the U.S. and settled in Detroit, Michigan. His first invention was a lubricator for steam engines. It was issued on July 12, 1872. The invention helped machines specific parts that remained in motion to stay oiled. This new oiling device helped revolutionize the industrial machine industry.

Another great inventor whose inventions made streets safer was Garrett Morgan. Morgan is known for inventing the Gas Mask and the traffic signal. He was the son of former slaves and was born in Paris, Kentucky where he spent his childhood going to school and helping out on the farm. He left Kentucky when he was a teenager and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in search of other opportunities. Morgan invented a device called the Morgan Safety hood and smoke protector in 1914. Just two years later he made the news for using his new invention to rescue 32 men that were trapped during an explosion in an underground tunnel 250 feet beneath Lake Eerie. After the rescue, Morgan’s company received many request from fire departments from around the country to purchase his new masks. It was later refined for use by the U.S. army during World War I. The mask went on to win numerous gold medals and honors, but no recognition was given to the original creator of the first Gas Mask, Garrett Morgan.

Being an established businessman who owned his own automobile, it was during his driving experiences that he was inspired to invent an improvement to the traffic signal. Morgan knew of the different forms of transportation that were always in motion on the streets. The Ford Motor Company was founded in the 1903 and it wasn’t uncommon for bicycles,

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