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Core Values

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Essay title: Core Values

Question: The Core Values or Foundations of Trust are integrity, fairness, social responsibility, and enthusiasm. What do these words mean to you? Are they concepts that still have substance in today's fast paced lifestyles? How do you apply them when it comes to your School?

Core Values: As a franchisee I feel that the core values of should also be my own core values, In embracing these values I should get to a level where there is little to no differentiation between my personal values, and the manner in which I run my business. When these three separate entities My individual franchise unit are bound by these core values we are setting a strong foundation for success and trust. As a franchisee it is important to not only embrace or accept the core values but it is imperative that these values and I are one.

Integrity: For me the core value of integrity means to refuse from engaging in a method or pattern of behavior that would evade the responsibility that I have been entrusted with. The responsibility I am referring to here is the entrustment that PSFC has presented me with the opportunity of owning a Primrose franchise. This responsibility also permeates my behavior pattern with the families that I deal with on a daily basis as well as my own immediate family, wife and children.

Integrity is primarily a formal relationship that I have to myself. It is connected to my acting morally. In essence (i) integrity is the integration of myself; (ii) integrity is the maintenance of my identity; (iii) integrity is for me to stand for something that I very strongly believe in; (iv) integrity has a moral purpose; and (v) integrity is a virtue.

Fairness: Is an innate quality that would place me in the situation of another, where any situation becomes a win/win situation for us all. It is to act without taking undue advantage of another human being or a circumstance where I may be able to. For me to be fair follows from the core value of Integrity. I believe that without integrity one would lack fairness. In dealing with another person it is my responsibility to place my self in the shoes of the other and deal on equitable terms. Fairness is concerned with a thorough consideration of an issue. To be fair, the people involved must be considered with impartiality before a decision. It is my responsibility to treat each and every customer, vendor and staff member in fairness irrespective of their race, religion, social stature or political affiliations.

Social Responsibility: Social responsibility is about going above and beyond what is ordinarily expected by society. It is in the ideal that acting

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