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Critical Thinking Application Paper

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Essay title: Critical Thinking Application Paper

Critical Thinking Application Paper

Critical thinking is the disciplined art of ensuring that you use the best thinking you are capable of in any set of circumstances. The general goal of thinking is to figure out some situation, solve some problem, answer some questions, or resolve some issue (Paul, Elder, 2006). There are many definitions of critical thinking; people tend to use the method that benefits them the most. People use critical thinking in all aspects of life whether it is personal, or work related. When dealing with personal issues people tend to use the method that will benefit them. When dealing with work related issues people think of different ways to solve the issue or problem that will benefit all involved. Critical thinking is important when trying to come up with new ideas and different points of view. Working in customer service requires thinking outside the box to handle escalated issues. Quoting policy no longer works for customers that have a choice of service providers that are more than happy to have their business.

During my work experience with Cingular Wireless, dealing with escalated customer issues requires critical thinking. Customers call with extenuating circumstances that limit the use of their wireless service in certain areas. Customers are not always clear about the issues they are having with their service. Handling customer issues is comparable to being a psychic, customer service managers have to be able to look through a crystal ball to know what the issues are. Once it is clear that there is an issue, and what exactly the issues may be, the manager must then come up with solutions that work for the customer and the company. The hard part is explaining how the issue will be resolved with the customer. Worded carefully so as not to offend the customer and so that the customer understands what you are doing that will benefit them. Critical thinking affects the outcome of calls taken in customer service every day, decisions made from thinking about situations and options given determines the benefit and the importance of critical thinking in customer service situations.

Critical thinking is important in determining the value of customers with Cingular Wireless. Critical thinking is important when dealing with customers in any business setting. Companies have customers that are of value to them and customers that bring down the value of the company. Critical thinking is important when dealing with both types of customers. The customer with the most value will be the customer that is loyal, a customer that a company has had for a long time. They pay their bills on time they have high revenue

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