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Database Management Systems Memo

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Essay title: Database Management Systems Memo






Re: Database Management Systems Memo


X COMPANY is a small BLANKcompany located in Southern California which has been doing business for over 20 years. My company provides legal BLANKto the courts and probation offices in both Southern and Northern California. Internally, X COMPANY has 20+ users most of which are systems engineers and BLANKdevelopers. Our BLANKcalled XYZ connects to a back end database which our customers use to store information about court cases and personal information regarding the parties involved. The current database system used at X COMPANY and by our customers is Oracle (8i, 9i and 10G). We currently have two or more Oracle Databases that reside on 3 servers (Two Sun Solaris and one Windows 2003). The main purpose of these servers and their connections to our BLANKis for the users to have the ability to lookup and enter cases as they are processed by the county clerk’s office. Violators can also connect to a website and pay for violations.

The purpose of having one or more databases system’s that all connect to one or more machines is to ensure the ability to access an application or change data in a single area which can be helpful in controlling a great deal of data or information coming in and out of a company or court. X COMPANY supports many courts across California that have a great number of cases being processed in and out and on a daily basis which requires a strong and stable database system.

Most of the information

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