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Death Penalty; Past and Present

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Essay title: Death Penalty; Past and Present

Death Penalty; Past and Present

There have been many changes to ways of carrying out a death penalty, some have improved, and some may not have turned out as well as planned, but despite failure we are relentlessly searching for new, easier, cheaper, pain free ways of taking a life of a criminal sentenced to this harsh penalty. There is a very wide spread of forms of capital punishment, from hanging or beating with fist's to the modernized electric chair.

The ways of fulfilling the death penalty have changed over time. In the past it could have been as harsh as breaking of the wheel, which is a brutal painful fad that makes the criminal roll around on a wheel while being beaten with clubs. There were also many other ways such as having to fight a person or animal, known as gladiators, or being beheaded. The most known way of being beheaded is the guillotine. This is a device that you are forced to place your head across, and then a large blade is dropped therefore cutting at the neck and instantly killing them. This device was later made better by changing the shape of the blade from a straight blade to one with a half circle curve. Later it was found this new design was not as good as it seemed and there was a better one out there. It was found that it would be better if the blade were actually cut at an angle. This became the official blade for this device form that time on. It was later found that the criminals would much rather have firing squads for there death. This was used often but the fact that people were doing the shooting brought up some questions. Because of this they decided to change the firing quad to a firing machine. This is a machine that does the exact same thing, but instead of people it was a machine that shot the guns. This was accepted around the world and would often be a choice for criminals. Hitler later developed the lethal gas rooms. This

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