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Decision Making Methods

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Essay title: Decision Making Methods


Whenever we reason, we base our reasoning on some assumptions, with some things taken for granted because all reasoning must begin somewhere. Any "defect" in the assumptions or presuppositions with which the reasoning begins is a possible source of problems for any novice student in critical thinking.

Assessing skills of reasoning about assumptions involves assessing this team's ability to recognize and articulate their assumptions, again according to the relevant standards to this particular class. Our collective assumptions we feel are stated clearly within each presenter's scenario. You the assessors of this presentation will make the ultimate decision on the individual or teams clarity.

The assumptions made collectively by this team or any individual team member leaves the presumption of clarity, thought, and the standard principles of structure, which formulate the initial stages in the process of critical thinking to your own discerning capabilities.

Our collective or individual awareness to identify clearly unstated assumptions, assumptions underlying given inferences, and the associated points of view are strictly and consistently our primary goals? To evaluate accurately different formulations of the assumptions, to distinguish precisely between assumptions, inferences, and conclusions, and to rank reasonably those assumptions with respect to their plausibility. In addition, we strive to be intellectually fair minded by choosing the most plausible version of assumptions regardless of their own individual merit or underlying points of view with which the team or individual may disagree.

The feedback this team receives from our peers and facilitator on their ability to meet the relevant standards will be a large factor in the improvement of each team member's own powers of reasoning and critical thinking. We have perused the ideal of clearly identifying the assumptions of each scenario to determine whether they are justifiable.

As a Team we considered how our assumptions might shape the overall teams point of view and thus leave the resounding areas of feedback to the capabilities of our peers within this class. Your individual and collective feedback will enhance our perceptions as well as that of the class.



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