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Delegation Paper

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Essay title: Delegation Paper


The ability to effectively delegate not only increases your productivity and provides you more time for strategic planning; it also helps staff members acquire new skills and expertise. You can improve your effectiveness by recognizing the types of projects that are best assigned to others, as well as those best handled by you. At first, you may find delegating duties a challenge. Giving instruction to others is a time- consuming process that can test your communication skills. Examine how your current tasks are aligned with the goals of your company. Evaluate your responsibilities and identify those non-essential tasks that could be passed on to other staff members. These can range form day-to-day obligations to projects you have put on hold due to a tight schedule. When delegating a project, be certain to make the employee aware of its scope and level of priority. This will help him or her understand it significance. Work with employees to set realistic deadlines for various stages of the assignment as well as standards for evaluating performance. To prevent misunderstandings, put this information in writing.

The point of management is to achieve the greatest amount of productivity with the limited resources at hand, all the while promoting a sense of harmony within the production environment. I know it is easier to take the heat for a personal failure than it is to take the heat for the failure of others. As manager, you take the heat either way. But, if it is a personal failure, one doesn’t feel stupid for picking the wrong person to do a task. Everyone experiences events beyond their control, or a lack of authority (and/or resources) to do tasks for which they are responsible. Everybody

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