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Demographic Characteristics and Cultural Diversity

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Essay title: Demographic Characteristics and Cultural Diversity


Groups and teams are affected by many variables and factors. Being able to identify that factors that impact the groups and team success is a valuable asset in order for groups and teams to become high performance groups and teams. Every group or team leader must be aware of the demographic characteristics and the cultural diversity of the team in order to become effective.

Groups and Teams

There are many factors that affect a team's performance; from leadership and communication, to demographic characteristics and cultural diversity. Each impacts the team in its own way. With out these major factors being forced upon a team or group individuals will tend to stray focus from the mission at hand. Different Leadership styles helps guide and lead the team while communication is the key to successfully guiding and running the team. There is two type of communications a good leader will take into consideration, Is the mission 100% understood pertaining to the individuals task on the team, which is positive communication or if it apparent that there is any confusion and that the mission is not fully understood, then one can end up with negative communication. Demographic Characteristics are found in every group and in every team. They start at the top and ripple down through the team. These Characteristics can have a positive and negatively impact on a group or team.

It is up to the Leadership of the team to create a work performance standard witch will determine the outcome that the team will produce. Good leadership will integrate positive communication and guidance to his/her subordinates causing a more effective work environment. Cultural diversity is an important factor to be considered amongst the members of a team, because it brings different abilities and skills from different back grounds and cultures to the table. If approached correctly it can help a team to success and aid in a stronger standardized capable team.

A high performance organization operates in a way that brings out the best in people and produces sustainable high performance results while creating high quality of work life environments (John R. Schermerhorn). As a team, striving for higher performance and productivity must be accomplished in order to notice gains and remarkable outcomes. Set Goals is what every group and team work to accomplish. In order to achieve a high performance team or group, every team Leader must be aware on how the demographic characteristics and cultural diversity impacts

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