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Depression and Sensitivity

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Essay title: Depression and Sensitivity

Depression sensitivity

How does a person become depressed? To some people, depression might seem like it is a sneaky disorder that seems to appear out of nowhere. I used to think the same way, until recently, our family is having an experience that made me see depression in a different light. I think depression is a long time coming disorder in most cases brought on by the sensitivity in the person's feelings. Depending on the sensitivity of the person, depression might hit them quicker and harder than others. There is, in my opinion, many ways to completely stop or control depression.

I have a close family member who suffers from depression, his name is Chris. For a long time he, his wife, and his doctor where the only ones aware of the problem. His Doctor prescribed him anti-depressant pills to help him out. A few weeks ago, he started to feel the depression even while taking the pills. He became angry about his feelings and decided that he would no longer take the pill. The first few days there were really no changes, but by the sixth day, he felt extremely paranoid. During work he began hyperventilating, panicking, and sweating. That day he had to go home from work.

Chris has not had the easiest life, and I believe this depression started to form itself inside him with all the hardships throughout his life. He does not seem like a person who is sensitive in any way, but that is only because he hides it well. Childhood usually plays a huge factor in depression, not so much on how sensitive a person gets. Some children might feel neglected, like they aren't getting as much attention as they need. In some cases I believe even too much attention might cause depression. Every person is different and has different needs. Parents usually try to do the best they can, and really that is all they can do. I mean, some parents can be the most loving and giving, but maybe their child needs space. Some parents try to let their children figure out who they are and who they want to become when they are older, but maybe their child needs help to figure it out, and end up feeling all alone in the world. Sure most children can shake little things like that off, but a few might be more sensitive than they care to show, and end up having negative feelings. For Chris, I think it was the fact that he never knew his father. As a child he had issues with his stepfather. His stepbrother and stepsister were, in his mind, his real brother and sister, but his stepfather just could not be his dad. He said he thought, "If my real dad doesn't want anything to do with me, how can this guy? I'm second to his kids and it will never be any different".

Some people take things a lot harder than others. For example, I have known most people to be sad at a loved ones funeral, but one person I met, felt so betrayed by the deceased because that person had no right to leave him in so much pain. Not everyone is going to have the same feeling in the same situations. Chris felt betrayed by his father not being around. He

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