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Differences in Japanese and U.S. Schools

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Essay title: Differences in Japanese and U.S. Schools

Overhearing a teacher say “Education for Japanese and American students is mostly the same.” got me thinking. Is it really? I did some research on the topic and was shocked at what I found. My research did not support the teacher’s statement.

First of all, the schools’ calenders and curriculums are different. In Japanese schools children go to school six days a week from 8:30 to 3:00 for 240 days a year. Compared to American students that go five days a week from 7:30 to 2:50 for 180 days a year. Students in the U.S. go to school from August to June with three months break and in Japan the go from April to March with two weeks break. One more difference is the students in Japan have three to five hours of homework compared to maybe one hour for students in the U.S. Those are some of the differences in the two calenders and curriculums.

Another difference is the teachers and instructions. In Japan the teachers are highly respected. They are bowed to as they walk into the room. In the U.S. teachers aren’t so respected. Also teachers move from class to class unlike in the U.S. where the students move. In Japan there are up to 50 students per homeroom teacher and in American there are under 30. Japanese and American teachers and instructions are different.

In Japan they have Kumi which is homeroom in the U.S. In Kumi there are usually from 40 to 50 students. Which there is under 30 in a homeroom. Also in the U.S. the students change classes all the time and in Japan they stay in the same class all day and sometimes from year to year. There are special events for the Kumis so that the students can have unity and

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