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Discuss How You Would Approach the TAsk Initially

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Essay title: Discuss How You Would Approach the TAsk Initially

Managing People

Assignment One

Paul Eaton

Task One

Discuss how you would approach the task initially.

I would initially approach the task slowly and carefully. I would carefully read the brief for the task, underlining or highlighting the important parts of the brief that concern the jobs and roles performed by Mrs. Pane. I would also try to gather information about the tasks and roles she performed. The brief describes how Mrs. Pane performed the jobs of a Receptionist/Telephonist and also that of a personal assistant. After gathering information on these jobs I would then try to break down each different aspect of the job i.e. Receptionist- fluent in typing. After I have broke down each job aspect I could then start to write the person specification element of the assignment. To write the person specification properly I would have to decide what the aspects of the job were desirable and what aspects were essential to the job.

To successfully produce my own job advertisement I would need to look at job advertisements that are already in local newspapers and local job papers. I believe that the advertisement needs to contain all relevant information on the job vacancy but must also give a brief history of the company and maybe also an indication of how the company wants to grow or expand in the future. The advert could also include the mission statement of the company. Task four I would approach by considering what companies look for in potential employees i.e. personal qualities not just purely on qualifications. All the tasks have to be looked at carefully to make sure that no law or legislation is broken.

Task Four

Outline how you would select a candidate from the 27 applicants, including the main elements of documentation.

Before selecting a candidate, the applications would have to go through many different filtering and screening processes. I would have the applicants send their c.v's to the company because a c.v can contain a lot more information about someone than an application form because of its limited questions. One of the first filters in my selection would be age. I believe that someone under thirty would not have the experience or the relevant knowledge to perform the job of personal assistant and receptionist. However I also believe that someone over fifty would struggle to keep on top of such a heavy workload. I believe that employing someone over fifty does not show that you are thinking long term about the future success of a company.

The next filter I would use would be qualifications that the applicants have. Any applicant who failed to reach the level of qualification set out in the person specification would not be considered for the position. I believe that some job positions can have people apply who are over qualified for the job they have applied for. A possible reason for people being over qualified is that an employer is frightened of employing someone who could walk out after a short period to work somewhere were they are considered to be qualified. Employers might believe that they are just a stopgap while they look for a job, which they are suited to. Another filter could be how much experience the applicant has had in a similar position. The person specification asks for three years so if an applicant has had less or even has none then they would be rejected. In this part of the filtering no one can have too much experience because they have progressed from the age filtering process.

Hopefully after this the number of applicants is a reasonable size to begin conducting interviews. I believe the most number of applicants left

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