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Document Based Question for Ap History Test

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Essay title: Document Based Question for Ap History Test

Document Based Question For Ap History Test

To a certain extent, the American Revolution was a war within a war, specifically the Loyalists, colonials loyal to the king, against the Patriots, the American rebels, which helped fundamentally change American society. The first reason the American Revolution changed American society is because the war was not only fought between the Americans and the British but between the Loyalists and the Patriots. The Loyalists were loyal to the king and the Patriots were longing for independence from the king, which resulted in much conflict between the two. Even after the war was over they were still seen as traitors trying to re-establish themselves in society. The Revolution was also a minority movement. Most of the colonists had taken no side in the war which created conflict between the ones who had taken a side.

The Declaration of Independence was another main reason American society changed because of the Revolution. Before it was signed in 1776, the Loyalists suffered little persecution. When the Declaration of Independence was signed, it significantly separated the Loyalists and Patriots, creating more conflict and further separating them and changing society.

The Revolution also caused things to change within the church and state. A change is made clear in Virginia from Document D. It states that a general assembly

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