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Does Size Matter

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Essay title: Does Size Matter

Does size matter?

One billion computers have been sold around the world, and the number of computers sold is set to explode in the next few years, reaching the two billion mark by 2008. There are hundreds of different computer companies, and there are thousands of different types, models, and software combinations. But there is one main interface that one must choose between: a PC and a Laptop computer. Both PC and laptop have their similarities and differences, but upgradeability, size, and coast are the main characteristics of the two types.

Although a PC is big and bulky, they are upgradeable. PC stands for personal computer. These are stationary; once someone buys one and set it all up, it is going to stay there for awhile. It would be very difficult to move it from one location to another. The most significant positive attribute about the PC is that they are upgradeable. They can only run on AC electricity, and not battery. Technology is advancing everyday. It seems like there is a new item in the market every month. With a PC, one can buy a specific part and replace it with a new part to enhance the computer. For example, buy a computer, and it comes with a regular CD player. Instead of buying a whole new computer that comes with the DVD burner, the consumer can upgrade it. External DVD burners can be purchased, but they are expensive. You can buy a regular DVD burner for about $65, but for an external drive, the cost is about $130 or more for the same speed. A significant upgrade is a video card. Computer games are advancing; they are very realistic and more 3D than ever before. One cannot buy a new game, and play it on an old computer, as the picture would be displeasing to the eye. The graphic card is the most commonly upgraded part of a computer. Laptops don’t have the luxury, they are pretty much stuck with what you have. $150 could buy you a descent graphic card for your regular computer, or go buy a new laptop for thousand of dollars to get the equivalent performance.

Building your own computer is not as difficult as it may seem. The procedure is simple, you will need to do as following. The first thing you need to buy is a Motherboard, this is wear all computer components plug into. Second you will need to purchase a processor, they range in different speeds and prices. A motherboard has a specific spot for the processor. Buying memory is next. Motherboards usually have three or more slots for memory, so you have room to expand and upgrade. If you like games and movies, you will need to invest in a good graphic card. The prices rang from $50 to $1,000. This is important if you want to see a image from your monitor. Without a graphic card there is no picture, simple as that. Lastly, a case to house all the computer components in will be needed. They come in lots of different styles, colors, lights, and features; it all depends on your liking. Now that you have a computer built, all you need is the basic accessories: keyboard, mouse, printer, monitor, which will basically connect to any type of motherboard.

Laptop computers

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