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Eating Disorders

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Essay title: Eating Disorders






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1.1)What is an eating disorder?

2 • Types of eating disorders

2.1) Anorexia

2.2) Bulimia

2.3) Bingeing

2.4) hyperphagia

2.5) Binge eating disorder

2.6) Rumination

2.7) night eating syndrome

2.8) Diabulemia

2.9) Pica

2.10) Eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS)

3. Effects in terms of :

3.1) psychologically

3.2) medically

3.3) socially

3.4) mentally


4. Recommendation/ Treatment

e) Why does it happen

III • Recommendation

IV • Conclusion

V • Bibliography

Our society, with its obsession with thinness and obtaining the perfect body, has cultivated the development of eating disorders. An eating disorder is a chronic illness where a person refuses to consume food in order to satisfy a physic need and not a physical need. Progression of an eating disorder can lead to severe medical condition and can sometimes lead to death.

Millions suffer from eating disorders, however many remain undiagnosed due to unreported cases, secrecy and deniability associated with such conditions. In previous studies, it shows that women are considered to experience eating disorders more likely than men; however men also suffer.

Eating disorders are common problems faced by many around the world. The objective of this research paper is to identify and differentiate the different types of eating disorders, determine the causes, and to probe the effects in terms of psychological and emotional, interpersonal and social, physical and behavioral.


An eating disorder is a life-threatening neurotic condition characterized by abnormal eating patterns. These behaviors are often fueled by unresolved emotional conflicts symptomized by altered food consumption. Eating disorders can compose of over eating or restricting the body of food. Unlike typical dieters, people who suffer eating disorders may have medical or psychological problems that cause disturbances in their eating behavior. An eating disorder is more than just a diet, it’s considered an illness. They usually develop due to medical or psychological problems, but mostly due to the obsession with appearance and shame of one’s body. These illnesses are complex conditions that signal difficulties with identity, self-concept and self-esteem. All types of eating disorders and eating behavior happen as a way of handling stress. Women are known to experience these illnesses far more frequently than men, but that does not exclude men from suffering these chronic illnesses. Males who are self overly concerned with shape and weight can also develop eating disorders as well as dangerous shape-control practices like the use of steroids. Eating disorders cross cultural, racial and socio-economic boundaries, and affect both men and women. Eating disorders are classified to start as early as 14, but infants and babies also suffer eating disorders. There are seven known types of eating disorder that affects all age groups and millions

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