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Economic Analysis of Singapore and Jamaica

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Essay title: Economic Analysis of Singapore and Jamaica


Qualitative Economic growth

Prior to becoming one of the leading economies in the world, Singapore was at a juncture where it was evident that economic growth was required to catapult the operation of the economy and this would only prove possible within a short time frame if qualified (successful) foreign companies saw the country as a viable hub for business operations.

The country was hindered by inaccessibility of overseas markets, lack of domestic resources, shortage of management and entrepreneurial expertise and technological retardation. In order to change the business environment to become investment friendly, the responsible authorities took the decision to adopt a liberal foreign investment policy which involved providing various incentives, including the absence of restrictions with regards to the entry and operations of foreign entities. The elimination of government bureaucracy coupled with dynamic political leadership resulted in direct benefits being derived from Foreign Direct Investment in the form of investments, foreign expertise and the utilization of advanced technologies in the varying operations. This transformation resulted

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