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Education Endangered – the Nature of Education

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Essay title: Education Endangered – the Nature of Education

Arguably, getting an education instills the pleasure of success before there is an

accomplishment of being truly aware. People should want to be educated before

having to be. Unfortunately, the culture of our time is a broadly unintellectual society and

it is almost always more important to be liked, lively and important to other people. Our

understanding of these circumstances comes after some time and reflection, after sports

in secondary schools and post secondary have become the dominant advertisement for a

schools success, after yet another generation shows it’s true colours not in social activism

and political change, but intersocial behavior that shows off the newest trends and

purchases instead of working first for group or even community accomplishment. What

an education is or ‘ought to be is a global debate that has changed every school, sharing

practices and borrowing some methods in place of others, hoping to make more effective

our learning environments and even more enjoyable as well. There is however little

opportunity for the masses to learn much even at a young age if they cannot turn off a

T.V. and read a book by choice. It is this point that illustrates no student can be educated

if they cannot choose to change their habits.

Recently studies have shown that students who attend the Cambridge or Oxford

universities in England were not more likely to be successful or enjoy an in depth

curriculum as they would in any other less expensive post secondary experience. In North

America the same results were found but more obvious reasons then the elusive concept

of prestige and status among the social elite were noted for it. Hockey, Football

and Basketball talent scouts sometimes attend elementary school games to see any

obvious talent trying to bud out from the rest. If someone is spotted then often their

parents are made aware that if they continue to excel at their sport, in a few years time

they would be eligible for a full scholarship to any number of post secondary intuitions,

making the burden of growing post secondary costs seemingly vanish for the family. In

this case sports are the means that drive people to excel when learning. In most cases few

are fortunate enough to be offered a paid education for their commitment to a team. For

the majority of fans following and remembering player statistics are normal and only

when many young students memorize their favorite players carrier history but believe

their lack of success with class is due to their poor memory do we notice their

contradiction and become aware that if someone is self motivated they can learn almost


Consider what you are going to do when you wake up. Are you going to listen to the

radio or watch some morning news? Which shoes are you going to wear today? Maybe as

you walk out on the front boulevard a company’s van drives by you. A walk to school or

work may take more time then driving or bussing but either way, you will see more

advertisements. By the time you get where you were going consider how many

commercials for insurance, a car company and brand names have washed over your


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