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Education System

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Essay title: Education System

Education, the most important thing in an adolescent’s life, can’t be taken seriously. From elementary school to junior high and on to high school, your opinion of school remains the same. Describing daycare you refer it to school. School is a form of daycare.

I thing we could all agree that parents would like a break away from their kids. It doesn’t matter whether they send them to the grandparent’s house or with a friend as long as they get a break. But the catch, parents couldn’t do this on a daily bases. I know for sure that my grandma wouldn’t allow my mom to pond me off all the time. So to enable parents to get back to the things that they use to do, they can send them to daycare.

Daycare, a facility that baby sits kids, so that their parents have the ability to go to work. Parents use daycare as a get away giving them time for normal business. If my aunt happens to get off of work early she will find something to do until six o’clock to make sure that she gets her moneys worth out of the daycare. Just like when most students ride the bus home it gives the parents more time to have their kids under someone else’s supervision. Basically to sum it up schools like daycares occupy the little ones to give mommy and daddy a break.

Instead of teaching academics to students, teachers copycat daycares with providing a place to baby sit children while their parents go to work. Teachers now don’t teach, they just give out “busy work” to keep the students occupied. By giving worksheets that need to be completed instead of having to lecture in front of the class and actually teach something. Occasionally, teachers give worksheets without any instructions, so students have to teach themselves. Even when you get up to AP level in high school, teachers are only teaching students a new way how to teach themselves. This defeats the purpose of an education system. Most parents don’t have home schooling for their children because they don’t know the proper way how to teach. Precisely why they send their children to a school that has certified professional that know how to teach academics. These teachers have gone to college to become a teacher. So of course I would want no one else, but an educated teacher teaching my child.

You have daycares compare with schools. Then we get the impression that schools serve no purpose, but to relieve parents. School only sounds better than taking your children to daycare. On the surface schools are suppose to be more sophisticated, but once you take a deeper look you see their true colors. Once you’ve hit this point you then realize and see schools for what they really are, impersonators of education.

If you have schools impersonating a facility that educates, then our world is doomed. We educate the young to carry out our achievements, along with wanting them to discover new invention. All parents want their child to have a better life than what they did. This is impossible if we don’t educate them to do so. Everything goes back to the fundamentals. You can’t survive in life without a degree. A degree can’t be accomplished if the people that are designated for teaching don’t teach.

In a daycare they teach kids “brotherly love” and how to communicate with their peers. They are teaching them self-esteem along with how to make friends. They teach kids how to be organized. For example they “have a standard place and time for doing homework, and a designated space for jackets, gloves, and backpacks” (Sigmann 13). The kid practicing these exercises helps teach them to be clean. This certainly helps at play time.

Instead of teaching academics teachers are have the students practice exercises dealing with “brotherly love.” Teachers do exercises with their students involving how to meet one another in a class room, rather than English, science, or math. Even all the way up to a college level class my teacher had us do an activity that had questions like, who is left handed? Who was born in the year 1986? Who is a freshman? Who has blue eyes? In order to complete the exercise we were required to roam around the class room asking one another these questions. Our motivation was that the first one done received a hundred for the day. This has nothing to do with academic at all, not to mention this took place in my college chemistry class. All these exercised do, “they achieve that result by offering the students experiences rather than study and feelings rather than knowledge” (Mitchell 569).


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