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Engish Communications

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Essay title: Engish Communications

English communications

As a reaction to this paradigm shift in the photo business, myself and my companion are in the making of a new electronic photo store.

This is so that we will be able to compete with the big international companies and to meet the demands of tomorrow’s technology.

We have prepared a website which will be the center of business and communications with the customers. The site is, and is an easy to remember site.

When the customers are going to develop their photos they will send these pictures to us either by mail, through our remaining conventional stores, or over the internet. This is because we will satisfy the customers demand. In the return process, we send the pictures by mail, or they can pick them up in a conventional store.

The reason we have gathered you all here today is because on our own, no one will have the resources to see through this shift, by investing in the new machinery that digital developing

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