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Enterprise Paper

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Essay title: Enterprise Paper

Sea Enterprise Paper

My main thought revolves around the belief that the military has taken a wrong step in placing civilian business philosophy as being more sophisticated than what it should be developing itself. This belief of mine is supported by the many "buzz" words like: "Culture" that I recognize as being used in companies like GE, Boeing, and others. It tells me the Navy is reaching in the wrong direction for help.

The Navy must set its sights on "creating" not "adopting" a superior model of streamlining.

The military principle of goal creation has always been to overcome obstacles and win fueled by the duty of men.

This principle is directly opposed to civilian models of business based on profit and the collective interest of individual self-gain. The latter works fine for robust economies but is inadequate for the country's defense.

While assimilating certain organizing tools and methods developed from civilian enterprise is beneficial - designing a system made after one created for civilian commerce is in error. Doing so is a sign of resigned leadership and lack of creativity.

The core of a good Navy system and the logic behind it:

A ship at sea and all of its systems are forced to work as a whole and if need be, to also work individually.

For the above to work: Damage control

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