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Essay title: Euthanasia


Euthanasia provides a means for those who are in incurable pain, or in a vegetative state to be set free of their misery. To allow someone who has no chance of recovering from physical pain is a cruel and unusual punishment. It is inhumane to keep someone who is suffering alive for any reason.

When people get to a point where continuing to live would only be more painful; it is time to give them the choice. Could you imagine being in such pain that the only thing that you have to look forward to is death itself. You keep begging for people to just end the pain, but no one will help you. This would not only be cruel physically but the mental torture one must go through while waiting to die must be unbearable. It would be like pulling the wings off a grasshopper and just watching it twitch in pain. There are terminally ill people who wish to die with dignity. The choice is not motivated by self-love where suicide is a selfish means that will cause pain to others. Rather it is a medical need where sustaining life any longer would only result in further physical pain of patient and suffering in their family

In the case where the patient is unable to make the decision to live or die is, of course, left up to the family members. The family members may want to put their loved one at peace and to rest. These family members are spending money on something that is beyond hope. It’s like investing further into their broken hearts. How can a family be forced to suffer, by keeping alive someone who is no longer the same person they once loved? It would not only put that person out of their misery, but it would stop the families suffering as well.

Some may say that it is immoral or against gods

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