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Essay title: Evaluation

I evaluated Jordyn Ross on her presentation on expanded notation and the instructional algorithm for multiplication problems. Even though the whole group did a very good job, I felt like Jordyn put a lot of effort into her part of the assignment. I didn't have a hard time understanding the material because it was mainly a review of what we learned before, but I think that if I was learning it for the first time I would have gotten a good grasp on the concepts.

There were several things that she did during her presentation that made it all come together. She first explained her part by showing the class a poster she had made. The poster was clearly labeled and was a bright color to catch the attention of the class. Math isn't always the most exciting subject so I thought that was a good idea to keep everyone's eyes on her. One of the criteria for the evaluation was correctness and having a poster already made out with a few examples was a fool-proof way to keep everything that you teach correct.

I though that Jordyn explained her information very well in that she was slow in showing where the answers she came up with came from. I think she asked the class at least 3 or 4 times we understood what she was telling us. Even though the class didn't

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