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Everything That Rises Must Converge

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Essay title: Everything That Rises Must Converge

Everything That Rises Must Converge

This story is about the relationship between a mother and a son. It takes place in the south around the late fifties, right around the time the buses became integrated. The mother had come from a very prosperous family. Her great grandfather was the governor of the state; Her grandfather was a wealthy landowner with two hundred slaves. But even though her family loses all their money she still thinks she is an upper class and looks down on everyone. She is also prejudice. She doesn’t like the fact that black people were allowed on the same bus as white people. She guilt’s her son into taking her to a weight reducing class, which she is a member of at her doctors request to loose twenty pounds, so her blood pressure would become lower. She enjoyed the struggle and sacrifices she had to make in order to give him everything and put him through school. She always threw it into his face. But in spite of her small mindedness he turned out open minded and well rounded.

As the story progresses a Negro man enters the bus and sits down. People move away but Julian

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