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Experience with Decision-Making Models

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Essay title: Experience with Decision-Making Models


Experience with Decision-Making Models

April Terrell

University of Phoenix

Foundations of Problem-Based Learning


Timothy Woods

Jan 04, 2007

Experience with Decision-Making Models

As a young woman starting out in the world of business my experience with using decision-making models was very minimal prior to the middle of last year, 2006. In February of that year I became an Account Manager at a circuit board manufacturing facility, and at that time a sudden change was made to the assembly process of our sister company’s circuit boards. The sudden change and lack of implemented processes caused jobs to run behind and consequently boards were shipping late to the customers. My experience with decision-making models began last year when my team started having regular meetings in hopes of reaching the goal of shipping 100% on time to our customers.

New Assembly Site

A prime example of a time when my company was at a point where informed decisions needed to be made in order to ship assembled circuit boards to customers on time happened during mid-year 2006. Towards the beginning of 2006 the decision was made by upper management that all boards that were built by our sister company, and needed assembly, would now be shipped and assembled at our Santa Clara facility. This was a major transformation of information, processes and countless resources. The downside to this conversion was the fact that the decision was made so quickly and without proper procedures put into place prior to boards being sent to us to assemble. As a result a considerable number of jobs did not ship on time to our customers. Towards mid-year 2006 our group came to the realization that it was time to have regular team meetings and put processes into place that would enable our boards to ship on time to the customers.

Meetings and Decision-Making

As a young woman just joining the department, these types of issues requiring extensive meetings of the minds to make decisions

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