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Exploitation of Human Weakness by Shakespearean Villains

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Essay title: Exploitation of Human Weakness by Shakespearean Villains

Through manipulation and indifference, Shakespearean villains have mastered the art of exploiting the minds of their targets. In a sense, they are dexterous at using the victim’s character flaws to their advantage. These villains take the upper hand at any opportunity that presents itself, get ahead in society by any means necessary, and will take no chances on impeding the progress of their mission(s). They are cold-blooded killers whom curiously have either a motive or reason behind every one of their executed actions.

Throughout Jane Smiley’s novel, A Thousand Acres, Ginny and Rose Cook become aggressive and disrespectful toward their father, Larry Cook. They begin to harbor feelings that their father perpetuates even further by his insanity, eventually forcing them to be completely indifferent toward him. For example, during the “cleansing” storm, through which their father is ultimately left in despite their attempts, Ginny tries to express her and Rose’s feelings: “We didn’t stick you there, Daddy. It’s the nicest house, and you live there. You’ve lived there all your life” (Smiley 195). But he wouldn’t have any of it; he continues to curse them for what he believes to be infidelity on their part and goes on to explain that “I’d rather stay out in the storm. If you think I haven’t done that before my girl, you’d be surprised” (Smiley 193). He didn’t leave them with any open options and is very incoherent with what he wants in the first place. Despite the fact that they have no way to reconcile, “They never lose their cool: they are certainly harsh and unattractive women, but they have a kind of brusque common sense that bears him down every time” (Sandler 103).

At this point Ginny notices that something is astray with her father’s mind because she just gives in, “Fine. Do what you want. You will anyway”

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