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Explore the Way in Which Williams Presents and Uses the Relationship of Blanche and Mitch in "a Streetcar Named Desire"

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Essay title: Explore the Way in Which Williams Presents and Uses the Relationship of Blanche and Mitch in "a Streetcar Named Desire"

Mitch says to Blanche and the end of scene six “You need somebody and I need somebody too. Could it be me and you, Blanche?” Explore the ways in which Williams presents and uses the relationship of Blanche and Mitch in the play as a whole.

When Blanche meets Mitch, she realises that her is someone who can give her a sense of belonging and who is also captivated by her “girlish” charms. She deceives him into thinking her, as she would like to be –prim and proper – however, as she later tells Mitch: “Inside, I never lied”. Her essential nature and being have been changed by her promiscuity – She gave her body to any man, but it would appear, that to Mitch, she is ready to give her whole being. Mitch falls in love with Blanches world of illusion – to the point that he suggests marriage.

She reveals her traumatic past to him, sharing the story of her tragic young lover Allan, who shot himself when Blanche told him that he “disgusted her”. At this point, the relationship considerable changes and develops – she feels she can trust Mitch, since in Scene 3, when she first meets him, Blanche finds Mitch to be “Superior to the others”, having the sensitive look. She is attracted to Mitch’s Sensitivity and gentility, declaring he is a “natural gentleman”, one of the “very few that is left in the world” in Scene 5.

Blanche is emotionally honest with Mitch during the play, especially in Scene 6. At the same time she deceives him many times from their first meeting, and presents herself as an “old maid” – hence her old fashioned language, such as “Unhand me”. She tries to hide her age, asking him to hang the Chinese paper lantern. Blanche even admits these deceits – announcing that she wants to deceive Mitch enough to make him want her. Once again employing her escapist methods, and ignoring reality, she flirts with a “young boy” at the end of scene 5. After kissing him full on the lips, she sends him away, just in time to meet Mitch, who is bearing flowers. This gives hints of her promiscuity, yet also her ability to control her imaginary world of illusions and fantasies. She employs her escapist methods also to relieve the dullness of the relationship with Mitch. He certainly benefits from Blanches sophisticated “magic” during the bohemian evening scene, when she speaks French and lights a candle stub to create a romantic atmosphere. Mitch proclaims “I have never known anyone like you” – his own life is sad and almost unfulfilled.

In spite of Blanche living in an imaginary world creating �temporary

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