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Father of the Internet

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Essay title: Father of the Internet

“Father of the Internet”

Vinton Cerf developed the internet protocols that make the Internet. Cerf artistic is for his work on the Snuper Computer project, ARPANET, and Network Working Group (NWG). Vinton Cerf, “father of internet”, in addition developed Telnet, TCP, and IP. Currently Cerf is chief Internet strategist, responsible for internet technology for MCI WorldCom. Cerf is currently working on the Interplanetary Network (IPN).

At UCLA, as a student, Vinton Cerf worked on the Snuper Computer project. The Snuper computer was a computer designed to be remotely to observe the execution of programs on other computers. This project ignited Cerf’s interest in Computer Networking. Later on in 1968, he set up another project called ARPANET. ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. The government in the 1960’s and 1970 has funded the network. Originally, the design project was to be a communication system that would survive a nuclear war. The first four nodes of the ARPANET were set up at UCLA, Stanford, the University of Utah, and University of California in Santa Barbara. These four universities made up what would be later know as the Network Working Group. Cerf and the rest of the Networking Work Group had to overcome obstacles during the pioneering of ARPANET. ARPANET used IMP’s or information Message Processors. These IMP’s would take the messages from one machine and break it up into smaller parts or packets. The packets were forward on to the next machine. One of the problems with ARPANET was that it had computers with different operating systems trying to communicate with each other. This problem was resolve with the use of protocols.

Cerf along with the other four member of the Network Working Group started to develop protocols for the information that was sent on there network. This was their focus. They broke the networking tasks into layers. This made it easier to attack the problem. In 1970 Cerf and the other members of the NWG finished there first protocol

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