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First Ladies

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Essay title: First Ladies

There were four women that i enjoyed reading. One was Nacy Regan. She was born on July 6,1923(some reasources say 1921) in New York City. She as a former film and stage actrss who became First Lady of the United States when husband, Ronald Regan, become President in 1980. She was First Lady from 1981 until 1989. She did campaigns such as Drug-Free Youth and Adopt Grandparent Program. Lady Bird Johnson was another I was interrested in. Born Claudia Alta Taylor in Texas on December 22, 1912. She got her name "Lady Bird" when she was a child. Her mother died when she was only five. Her father, aunt and family servents help raised her. She went on to college to study arts and journalism at University of Texas. Lady Bird is a devoted partner to her husbands political career. Betty Ford was known said to be the "all american wife" but most peopld just saw her as a First Lady. Elizabeth Bloomer was born on April 8, 1918 in Chicago, Ill. Betty described her childhood to be full of friends, dates and social outtings. In 1942 she married Bill Warren, whom she had known since she was in grade school Three years into their marrige she realized that they were incompatible. She wanted to start a family and home; he was on the road a lot. She wanted a divorce. Before sho could tell him what she felt he went into

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