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Fish Written by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen

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Essay title: Fish Written by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen



In Fish written by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen we find a woman who moved to Seattle from Southern California with her husband her two children. This woman Mary Jane Ramirez had everything going for her she was a happy person who had a happy life her family their relationship couldn’t get any better. They both had good jobs, jobs that they enjoyed. Then one day, twelve months after they had moved to Seattle Dan her husband was rushed to the hospital with a burst aneurysm he then died. After that incident everything changed for Mary Jane especially when she took an offer to work on the third floor for First Guarantee Financial.

Mary Jane was a woman from California she was married to a man by the name of Dan and they had two children Brad and Stacey. They had to move to Seattle because her husband Dan had gotten a job offer at Microrule. When they moved it wasn’t long before when Mary Jane found a job as a supervisor at First Guarantee Financial, this was one of Seattle’s largest financial institutions. Everything had been going good for both of them. Then after twelve months of being in Seattle Mary Jane’s husband was rushed to the hospital with a burst aneurysm unfortunately he never regained consciousness and then died. It was real tough on Mary Jane but she went on, she had to support her family as a single parent. So three years had gone by when Mary Jane accepted a promotion to move up to the third floor at First Guarantee Financial. The third floor was a place that everyone talked about they basically bad mouthed about them, they did not have a good reputation. They were known as the energy dump. The only reason why Mary Jane was taking this job was because when her husband passed away not all the medical expenses were covered so she had to pay for them and provide for the family. At the same time she wondered what had she gotten into. If she only knew what she had in for her?

When Mary Jane came into the third floor she was the third person to have this job within the last two years. Things did not start out good for her she start noticing the way people worked and she then realized why the third floor had its name. It was the most disorganized place she had ever seen or maybe the most disorganized place that existed. The people there would just let the phone ring misplace papers on purpose even fall asleep in the break room. What kind of workplace was this she thought? To get out of this place she started having lunch outside the office. She would always go to the waterfront. One day while returning from lunch Mary Jane had a phone conversation with her boss Bill whom informed her of what the superiors thought of the third floor and he told her that they thought that they were in for it and he called it a “toxic energy dump”. This is when it hit her she didn’t want one her companies which she was in charge of being called these names. Well that same day when Mary Jane went out for lunch instead of going to the same place where she would always go she went the opposite direction of the waterfront and as she was walking down she came across a group of people who were screaming looking like they were enjoying themselves, she was at the famous Pike Place Fish market. There were fish and crabs flying across the air but that is not the only thing that caught her attention but the fact that the people her were there were well dressed business people. Then at her surprise she heard somebody talking to her it was this young man by the name of Lonnie. As they introduced themselves she then started telling him about her experience at the third floor as if it mattered to him he stood there and paid close attention. When she was done he started telling her a little about the fish market and what interested her most was to find out that they were not always a place with so much happiness, so energetic and so alive. As they continued talking Lonnie invited Mary Jane to come over to the fish market again so he would explain to her how it is that they got where they were at now. So that is what happened.

When they got into the talking Lonnie started telling about a typical day at work and to her surprise their day sounded worst then hers but the best part about it was that they made the best out of their day. They choose their attitude that was the first advice that Lonnie gave to Mary Jane her company had to choose their attitude. If they came in with a nasty attitude then they were going to have a nasty day. If they choose to come in with a positive attitude then they were going to have a positive day. After a long conversation she walked away with that piece of advice. There was still more for her to learn but she was going to give

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