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Food Mgt.

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Essay title: Food Mgt.

At a healthy and vigorous 59 years of age, I continue to watch my contemporaries in education retire, just at the time when I have become totally committed to 8 more years in my new career! This past four year period in my varied career has proven to be just the right challenge; I went back to graduate school for my SDA, helped my first superintendent improve morale and cabinet direction, and saved my district nearly a million dollars in controllable expenses. I was then fortunate to be appointed superintendent at Mattituck, a district that was blessed with capabilities, while dealing with antiquated and inadequate facilities. Within 16 months of my arrival, we successfully passed a $26.1 million bond issue that will solve the space issues for many years to come. Just as importantly, I helped the Board of Education broadcast the story of the ever-more-successful educational advances, and the need to continue these advances, in spite of the tough economic times.

Though still being invigorated by the continuing needs at Mattituck, my next goal is to offer my multi-faceted executive and people skills to another public school district, more in tune with my rural roots and values, that seeks an enlightened, enthusiastic, and consensus-building senior administrator to meet its immediate and long term challenges. Having managed similar sized organizations in both the public and private sectors that have exhibited rapid growth and change, I am confident that my integrity, experience and leadership skills will help the Windsor School District continue to produce the “brightest and the best” students, while being ever-closer to the changing needs of the voters and residents.

I have been a local resident and taxpayer in both Nassau (Oyster Bay) and Suffolk (Melville & So. Jamesport) Counties on Long island for 11 years, and I have come to appreciate the “added value” of successful public education. The best school districts are ones that have attracted the best and most

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