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Force in Some Cases Is Necessary

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Essay title: Force in Some Cases Is Necessary

Boulden 1

Carlos Boulden

Professor Ensminger

English 1302

26 September 2003

The Use of Force:

Force in Some Cases is Necessary

The use of force is necessary. One should use force when there just is no other way of getting it done. In William Carlos Williams’ “The Use of Force”, a doctor resorts to using force as the final means in getting a diagnosis for his patient’s illness. What he did was not an injustice, but a useful and practical tactical solution to find out what he needed to know. I strongly believe that force is necessary when all other peaceful means of communicating are exhausted and when it is beneficial to both parties.

In the world today, using force on children is something that is not looked at in the same way as it was long ago. Long ago force and discipline were widely used and accepted as something that was not looked on by society as abusive and damaging to a child’s welfare and health, but as a means of discipline and order to keep children in line so that they don’t become uncontrollable and wild. , In some households children are forced to eat all food that is on their plate and not allowed to waste even a crumb. This way of teaching today mostly comes from the experiences older people had in the Great Depression era or if they grew up poor and understand the lost value of wasted food and do not want their kids to develop a habit of wasting food. In some families children are forced to participate in activities that interest their parents, not them. In some

Boulden 2

cases, parents attempt to live a dream and other childhood fantasy through their children. This type of force is not very beneficial to the child if the he or she does not take a personal interest to the activity being forced upon them.

The Federal and Local governments have in some ways made attempts to limit using force on children physically. They have set up protection services and organizations to handle cases of so-called abuse on children. What these organizations want is for parents to use other means not physical force when disciplining their children. This places a stronghold on society and does not allow

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