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Foreign Policy

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Essay title: Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

The United States has always been a great nation. Its Fortune can be greatly attributed to the men responsible in the creation of policies. Foreign defense policy making has a tremendous impact on the United States in factors as the economy, diplomacy, and world affairs. Americas most drastic changes in foreign policy would have to be the era of isolation, cold war, and the current one we face now.

After the American Revolution the United States first President George

Washington said, “The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible." Economically speaking the United States was willing to trade with their European partners in the east, but any alliance was out of the question. Thomas Jefferson cut off an alliance with France, even though they had supported the 13 colonies in gaining their independence from England. During the 1800s the United States entered into the war of 1812, the Mexican American war, and The Spanish American war. It did this without ever joining an alliance or fighting in Europe. After many Latin countries gained independence they asked recognition from the U.S. Concerned with European retaliation to retake their colonies, The U.S. enacted the Monroe Doctrine. It stated that an act of war against any Latin American country was an act of war against the U.S. In fact the belief of isolationism was so fervent that the U.S. turned down England after it agreed to be an ally in such an event. America's ideas persisted towards the 1920 by imposing tariffs to protect American manufactures, and enacting immigration laws for European immigrants. After world war one the senate refused to enter into the League of Nations it had created, and once again closed its doors to world affairs. It was not until World War II until the U.S. was forced to undertake its role as it was attacked by the Japanese. After this event Isolationism was no longer plausible.

In the end of World War II the United States entered

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