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Frankish Kingdom

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Essay title: Frankish Kingdom

The Frankish Kingdom was seen as a great military power in the time of Clovis. Early medieval Europe was primarily under the control of the Roman Empire. Syagrius, the king of the Romans and his son Aegidius were living in the city of Soisson when Clovis decided to show off his military excellence. Clovis marched against Syagrius and eventually defeated him by disposing of his army and forcing him to flee the area.

Syagrius fled to the kingdom of Aralic. In another show of his power, Clovis scarred Aralic into giving Syagrius up or he would be marched on as well. Out of fear, Sygrius was given up to Clovis and secretly killed. This was the beginning of the power and respect that was to come for Clovis.

Clovis did not believe in Jesus as being a true god. His mind would change in the near future. He married a woman who was a believer in the Christian religion. The way he would be converted to the Christian religion was very fitting for this military leader. Clovis' wife would try to convince him that the Christian religion is the one for him. He would not change his mind until he was on the battlefield. He was in the middle of a conflict with a man named Alamanni and his army.

Clovis' troops were being annihilated, so he would ask Jesus for help in exchange for his faith. He looked to Jesus to help him survive this battle. If he would survive, he would hold the god of his wife as the same holy god for himself, and would be faithful to the lord. As Clovis asked for the aid of the lord, Alamanni retreated and soon after was killed. In this event, Alamanni's troops surrendered and Clovis was then victorious. After this, Clovis kept his word and converted to the Christian faith. Along with himself, three thousand of Clovis' followers were baptized on Christmas day. The conversion of Clovis in 496 was a decisive event in the political and religious future of continental Europe. By converting to the Christian religion, Clovis would gain the favor of Constantinople and among the people and clergy of the Roman population in Gaul

Under the leadership of Clovis, the Franks acquisitioned the former Roman territories in Gaul and in Germany. Clovis would also gain the Burgundian

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