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Franz Kafka’s the Metamorphosis

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Essay title: Franz Kafka’s the Metamorphosis

In The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, there are many details and descriptions to interpret the setting of the novel. Certain aspects are included to bring the reader into the story and picture it in their mind. The details are not just small or minute plot points; they are certain descriptions, known as archetypes that stand for special elements in the plot of the story.

One of the many archetypes in The Metamorphosis is the bug that Gregor, the main character, wakes up as. This is an animal archetype that is a negative archetype because, to his surprise, Gregor wakes up as a hideous insect and insects are not looked upon to enjoy or be beneficial. The fact that Gregor was unlucky enough to wake up and have his life so drastically altered without his will is very misfortunate. Another example of an archetype in The Metamorphosis is the weather in the first Act of the novel. “[The] raindrops could be heard beating against the metal ledge of the window.” The rain is used to show the negative vibe of gloomy weather in the situation where Gregor has now become a hideous insect. Along with his unfortunate new appearance, Gregor points out another archetype in the story: his job. Gregor’s occupation is “a grueling profession” that he must deal with. He has been with the company for years and not missed one day, but when he comes down with his “ailment”, he was called upon just for missing.

One major archetype included in the story is a sound archetype that is produced when Gregor, now an insect, is trying to communicate with his family and the head clerk that comes to check on him when he is missing from work. Gregor starts to make “animal” noises instead of formulated words and sentences. It actually scares the other humans and it stands for the animal that Gregor now becomes and cannot associate with humans anymore. Once, when Gregor was able to find a way through the locked doors in his room, he saw through the rest of the house. “The door to the foyer was open…” symbolizes how once he could get out, he could have chosen to leave his family and not placed his burden onto them but he is somewhat selfish and decided to stay with his family when the world was wide “open”. Another situational archetype that was found in the book is when the Father, Mr. Samsa, pushes Gregor back into the room that they lock him in. “The door was slammed

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