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From Fame to Misfortune

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Essay title: From Fame to Misfortune

Do you remember the song “I Like it” by Sammie? This song was extremely Brennan best describes individuals of this nature as one hit wonders, “those who were trying to leave their mark, but they only end up doing so once” (Jake Brennan, 731). popular in the year 2000. Everywhere you went you could hear some child singing the lyrics” I like it girl, don't you know I like it”. However, after a year had passed, no one was singing Sammie's music and he was never heard from again. But the question is, how could someone who had such a hit song fade out of the spotlight so quickly? Jake Throughout the years, society has seen numerous individuals rise and fall in their attempts to achieve fame. The few who have succeeded in the music industry have become stars and are accomplishing goals that only the average person dreams about. The perfect example of a man who has gone above and beyond the point of achieving fame is Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is a world renowned singer, who is known to society as “The King of Pop”. Through his sentimental, smooth voice and his innovative dance moves,

Michael Jackson has become one of the greatest recording artists of all time. People all over the nation do not just love and revere him, but have made him an object of

attention and devotion. Michael has reached an iconic status that people have only dreamed of experiencing. However, the pop star that society has known to grow and love has now become known more for his bizarre behavior rather than for his music. Ultimately, over the years Michael Jackson's erratic behavior has made him stand out as an anti-icon rather than an icon.

Michael Jackson, 49, was originally from Gary Indiana where his musical career first began. In 1962 his father, Joseph Jackson, had begun a singing group with his three eldest sons which excluded Michael (the Jackson four) because of his young age. But when Joseph began to see the love for music in his heart and the potential in Michael's

voice, he put Michael in the group, changing the name to the Jackson five. The first time Michael sung with the group they could not believe the sound that was coming from such a little boy. So after a just a few times of singing lead and performing his James Brown dance moves on stage, Joseph quickly moved Michael to be the head singer. So with Michael as the lead, Joseph knew that these boys were going to take the world by storm.

After 5 years of singing on broken stages and performing in adult bars, The Jackson five was discovered and signed by Motown records and their first album was made in October of 1969. In the following year songs, “I want you back”, “ABC”, “The love you save”, and “I'll be there all hit number one in 1970, making the Jackson five the first group in pop history to have their first four singles to top the charts” (Michael Jackson's Biography). After Michael and his brother's recorded the tracks the songs “I'm the only one you need” and “Never Had a Dream Come True”, the record label began preparing Michael for a solo career in 1971. Two years later Michael had his first number one hit song “Ben”, and the song later earned an Oscar nomination. Now although

everything was wonderful with his solo career, Jackson missed singing with his brothers. So after his fourth album, Michael and The Jackson 5 left Motown in 1975 and were

signed to Epic records as “The Jackson’s”.

After a few years of singing with his brothers at Epic records and doing a star role in the play “The Wiz”, Michael desired whole heartedly to pursue his solo career.

So Michael recorded his first album as an adult called, “Off the Wall”. After his first debut album Michael's career skyrocketed tremendously. Four of his singles hit number one on the charts, with two of the songs going platinum. Michael made his second album with a twist that no one had expected; he made two music video's to go along with his brand new album. These music videos were not just innovative, but “revolutionized the way music videos were made” (Michael Jackson's Biography). Instead of just doing a regular music video, Jackson set up the video as song length movies and well put together narratives. Michael Jackson's music videos were even played on MTV, which have never truly accepted black artist. Shortly after MTV's premier of Jackson's video, Michael performed the “moonwalk” on national television at Motown's 25th anniversary special.

Even though Michael didn't invent the moonwalk, this was as much of a signature piece as his sequined, white glove.

Jackson continued to take the world by storm

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