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Gaelic Football

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Essay title: Gaelic Football

Lesson Plan 3 game related activity Gaelic Football:


To develop the skills learned by the pupils to a level where they can incorporate the skills learned into a game related scenario


Pupils should be able to

Repeat basic skills learned in previous classes

Realize the game is a team sport

Learn to tackle

Know when to call for a ball

Know when to pass and when to carry ball

Know how to maintain possession of ball

Make space for teammates

Know when to take scores

Implement basic and developed skills into game situation

Previous knowledge:

Very varied many of the pupils will be from the local U-12 County winning team; other pupils will never have participated in Gaelic activities before.


Eight balls, twenty-four cones, Gaelic football field, first aid equipment, bibs

Length of Lesson:

Approx 45mins


6th class 32 pupils age 11-12

Teacher Activity: Pupil activity

Lay out cones prior to beginning of lesson

Introduction: 4 mins

Orally revise skills learned yesterday

Tell pupils what will be covered today

Take roll if necessary


Answer teachers questions ask for clarification on confusing matters

Main body of Lesson:

Divide into four groups

Two cones sin front one at ten meters one at twenty. Ball placed at first cone

Demonstrate what desired

Pupil runs to cone picks up ball and solos round cone and places ball back at cone

(4 repetitions)

(7 minutes)

Pupil picks up ball solos and hops every four steps round cone and places ball back at first cone

Teaching Points

Toe underneath ball

Solo and hope every four steps

Keep your eye on the ball

Place ball on ground

Pupils divide into pairs one pupil has ball other pupil stands at cone pupil with ball must make it across to other cone

Demonstrate tackle stance and how to tackle

(2 repetitions per pupil)

(5 minutes)

Divide into pairs facing opponent both pupils have instructions and will carry them out to their best ability

Teaching points

Try to dispossess opponent

Stand sideways

Don’t commit yourself to early

Don’t panic

Try to get low to ground

Groups divide into five groups

Two teams of even number

One team where bibs

Demonstrate what desired

Team must maintain possession for as long as possible no solo or hop ball cannot

touch ground

Opposition may tackle

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