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Gene one: Problem Solution

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Essay title: Gene one: Problem Solution


Problem Solution: GeneOne

University of Phoenix

Transformational Leadership



GeneOne was founded in 1996 and entered the biotech industry with the original mission to become a leader with groundbreaking gene technology. Home grown consumer foods raised without pesticides was becoming more popular with consumers and GeneOne soon became a profitable biotechnological company. Within eight years of foundation, GeneOne had grown into a $400 million company. Chief Executive Officer, Don Ruiz, bolstered by growing interest on Wall Street combined with leadership changes favorable to biotechnology, developed ideas to work towards a conservative forward thinking growth target of 40%. With Board and investment community support, a clear strategy was developed for a 36 month deadline. CEO Ruiz believes that IPO capital will enable GeneOne to develop new products with support advertisement and marketing. To remain aggressive in a growing biotechnology market, GeneOne leadership and its support organization desires to show that a fledgling company can become a global competitor.

Problem Solution

GeneOne has become a global biotechnological company that is experiencing growth in products, profits and sales. New products and research support future growth and profits for the company provided that additional IPO funds become available to support continued development and research, and its support advertising and marketing. GeneOne leadership and outside consultants will develop strategies in order to reach the company goal of being one of the world’s most dynamic biotechnology companies. Gene One will realize their goals with an IPO deadline of 36 months. Ruiz transformational leadership style works for him but it will be Ruiz’s objective to create, “an outline of the actions required to complete the plan, assign responsibility or ownership for each action, identify a timeline for completion and define how success is measured. The common ingredients that lead to successful implementation typically

include the following:

• Pick a strategy implementation process and use it

• Use a facilitator (internal or external) to help you and your team work the process

• Stay disciplined to the process

• Know what success looks like for each action implemented

• Follow-up by monitoring implementation activities on a scheduled basis ” Expert Corner (2006, p.1).

Based on the ideas of strategic implementation and forward growth planning, Ruiz has much to accomplish as leader of GeneOne before final decisions can be made. Ruiz is convinced of what must be accomplished in the immediate future; he must be able to convince, the board of directors, technological staff and stakeholders of the profit of new products with IPO support if he is to succeed in leading his organization towards a 40% growth.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

GeneOne is a relatively young biotech company. The company which was founded by Don Ruiz and four investors quickly became a strategic competitor in the biotech industry. It established itself as a leader in consumable products which were home grown and chemical free. GeneOne has experienced organizational and strategic growth that requires transition for future profits and growth. A 36 month window of opportunity has availed itself with a future perceived growth of 40%. Production culture as well as research and development of GeneOne supports continued global growth despite concerns within research and development and finance leadership. GeneOne profits and abilities to function have not become lethargic and CEO Ruiz desires to keep the company in line with global ideas and technologies. Her reign was short lived and she was replaced by William Guardo. The scope for the company to remain competitive may have to change and the competitive production initiative which was “in-the-works” still has a plethora of roadblocks which could cause delays. Lack of a solid and reliable leadership board as source and marketing campaign anticipated disasters inhibit the forward thinking research and development concept. Included in the obstructions which CEO Ruiz is senior leadership

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