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Essay title: Genocide

A refugee is a person who escapes from their native country in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution. A refugee faces many different complications while trying to seek refuge. Quite obviously a person who takes the risk to leave their country and go to another must have good reason. No one would go to a different country knowing that they would be given the right to freedom but have total rightlessness. While seeking a better and safer environment refugees have to deal with the scrutiny from the members of the host country. If you listen to conversations whether it be talk to host or regular people, you will hear negative and degrading commits about the Hispanic flood we are now experiencing. In my opioion it is not the hispanisc that are draining the economy but, out of control government spending that is to blame. Refugees are not allowed citizenship though they are protected from deportation. They, in most cases don't speak the language and are ostracized just for being different.

Asylum seekers are very much like refugees in that they are also seeking safety from their native country.

The government tries very hard to keep an eye on borders in most cases some type of proof is often needed, like a visa or passport. But as we know there are unquestionably some glitches in the system when you take into account the amount of illegal immigrants our country has.

I found an article

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