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Gillette Marketing Plan

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Essay title: Gillette Marketing Plan

6. Marketing Program

The following contains the four elements of the marketing mix for the new Gillette Venus.

Product Strategy

Our marketing mix depends mainly on the product and the product marketing, but we are also leveraging a lot more in our packaging. Innovation is the key to our growth and our opportunity for continual growth. Our product marketing has to emphasize the benefits of our unique combination of technological expertise and new innovation. We need to sell a sense of quality and comfort that will show in our packaging. This particular product outdoes all other female razor products as far as comfort is concerned. The following are a few of the unique features that the Gillette Venus has to offer:

-Unique comfort strips to provide protection against razor burn. The shave bars flex around for more detail, fitting into more difficult areas, such as knees and ankles.

-Three blades for the closest shave possible with soft protective cushions surround the blades for a shave that’s smooth. The results are a much more comfortable shaving experience for women.

-Sleek new razor handle has an enhanced gripping surface for easier shaving in the shower. Venus has an ergonomic handle that accommodates every grip. And soft, textured materials make Venus easy to hang onto.

-Stylish look to catch attention. This design provides a sense of style for consumers. This style and design is eye-catching and sure to stand out in any group of competitor female razors.

-Indicator strip enriched with aloe and vitamin E to help soften your skin. This strip fades to let you know when you’re no longer getting the optimal Venus shave.

-Premium packaging and graphics that convey the unique, high-quality product contained inside placed in a nontraditional positioning. This plastic container will show the product’s nontraditional style by displaying and emphasizing the color and design of the razor by using graphics that appeal to the female consumer. The bright colors and unusual shape of packaging will cause the Venus to stand out in any aisle or shelf. The fun-looking packaging almost makes shaving seem like less of a task and more appealing.

Price Strategy

Our pricing strategy contains two separate product sales, one being the Venus razor itself and the other being the refill cartridges to replace the razor blades. The Venus razor itself is priced starting around $9.99 with the 4-pack of replacements cartridges priced at about $7.99 and the 8-pack at about $14.99. The intention is to receive the majority of profit from sales of the replacement cartridges, instead of initial purchases of the razor itself. The obvious display of higher quality and benefits should compensate for any pricing that seems to be higher than a competitor’s product. This depends on the fact of whether or not the consumer feels the need or want for a higher quality and more comfortable shave. The benefits of Venus should come to be very obvious to the buyer. The reasonable pricing strategy hopefully will be effective as far as overall sales and customer satisfaction

Promotion Strategy

Our promotion strategy is based mainly on making the right information available to the right target customer. The marketing has to convey the sense of quality in every picture, every promotion, and every publication. We also need to leverage our presence using high-quality advertisements and commercials.

-Televisions commercials that display the product’s high level of

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