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Global Communication Solution Paper

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Essay title: Global Communication Solution Paper


Problem Solution: Global Communications

Problem Solution: Global Communications

This paper will introduce to you to Global Communications a telecommunication company providing domestic services to various markets. Leadership has identified areas of improvement that includes expanding into a global market. Countries identified as possible for expansion are India and Ireland. Transferring employees from the domestic call center will involve possible job cuts and a decrease in pay for remaining employees. The union has voiced its concern for not being involved in board meetings discussing the transfer plan. Some ethical issues that will be addressed include values, rights and responsibilities of stakeholders. Within this paper I will give an alternative plan to address organizational communications, emotions and job satisfaction.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Global Communications leadership team agreed to present a proposal before its board of directors outlining strategic plan for globalization and outsourcing. The leadership team decided to move into the global market and outsource some call center employees. The leadership team believes this is the only way the company can increase their profits and remain competitive in the telecommunications market. Telecommunications is expanding into other markets and other companies have already moved into the international markets. As stated in the scenario, “local, long-distance and international markets are competing for the same business” (2007). Global Communications feels they are not keeping up with the changes seen in telecommunications and internal changes should be made. Leadership has determined that by moving into others markets and outsourcing to India and Ireland they have better opportunities to remain competitive. “To compete with the local telephone and cable companies, Global has created alliances with a satellite provider to offer video services as well as a satellite version of broadband,” (2005). Profit margins will increase but employee salaries will decrease if the organization moves towards globalization. The leadership has also failed to invite the union representative to any discussing forthcoming changes in the organization.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The perspective of some of the stakeholders is to move forward with the globalization plan but incorporate employees’ issues of job security while relocating some jobs to India and Ireland. The board of directors approved the move into these countries, but the leadership team did not consider the loss of some employees and how this will impact the organization. The leadership team has an interest in increasing profits and remaining competitive but did not consider the impact this move will have on its employees. While the union representative has not been invited to attend negotiations to cut jobs and outsource some employees, it is apparent that employees will not be satisfied with the new strategic plan. Global Communication will move employees who currently work in its call centers to the consumer call centers. Employees have an interest in the cause and effects of the organizations decision to outsource some job duties. Employees are questioning their rights to receive information on organizational decisions made that directly involves them. Some employees will be let go and those who remain “will see an initial short-term decrease in pay”, (2007). Those employees who decide to stay with the organization will see an increase in pay over a specific time span. The ethical dilemma faced by the leadership team include making amends with the union for not inviting them to negotiation talks and deciding on how to establish internal communications to employees before they hear or read about upcoming changes.

Problem Statement

Global Communication can improve its organizational communication while committing to exceed beyond perceived boundaries that will enhance elevated goals of the organization. This focus will allow Global Communication to actively pursue additional avenues that ensure the stability of its mission and vision in becoming a leader in providing telecommunications in a competitive environment.

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